Pen Knife

The Tactical Pen Knife looks like an ordinary pen, but remove the cap to expose its 2.5" serrated blade. Pen includes ink and works great as writing pen. Banned in California and New York.

Pen Knife

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Product Description

Its elegant styling cues and luxurious finishes make the pen, and the person using it, look like a million bucks. Perfectly balanced, the Survival Strike Pen’s lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum construction makes it feel like a natural extension of your hand. Since it uses a classic ink roller-ball design you can count on it to dutifully create grocery lists, sign checks, fill out forms and more. Not to mention the fact it barely weights anything (only .6 oz.), so you’ll never get annoyed with its bulk or weight.

But the obvious reason the Survival Strike Pen will become your favorite everyday carry is because hidden inside this luxurious pen’s glossy metallic barrel is a vicious survival tool. Please take a look at what's inside...

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