Pocket Stove

Every red-blooded American can have a super-light, incredibly durable, easy-to-use and unexpectedly powerful stove to use in crisis.

Pocket Stove

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Product Description

Survival experts all across the world recommend a stove as one of the most important survival tools to own. There’s no doubt you can list off the top 3 essentials; food, water, and shelter. 

we created this new stove while making sure your wallet was protected too! Believe us, we get it. Getting prepared for a crisis can be pricey; especially if you buy something and never find the need to use it.

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Email 1 3.7 oz. Metal “Jaws” Tool Packs Serious Survival Power

Did you ever see the movies Jaws?

Even if you haven’t you probably know what that terrifying shark looks like...

A huge gaping mouth with ferocious dagger like teeth sticking out of it.

Well that’s kind of what this new and FREE piece of survival gear looks like.

Go here to see it now.

This tool was crafted and perfected by one of the largest survival companies in the nation. They say it’s awesome for camping, backpacking, and would be ideal in a crisis situation.

And to celebrate its launch they’ve got a special promotion going on with it.

Take a look and see why they say this tool is so unique and useful:

  • Extremely light and compact: Fits neatly into the palm of your hand and only weighs 3.7 oz., making it perfect for survival kits or camping kits.
  • Rugged and durable: Made of machined metal, it’ll take a beating which means it’s great for camping or survival situations.
  • Can help keep you healthy in a crisis: Combine this and a common kitchen tool + water and it’ll help you survive if disaster strikes.

Guaranteed once you see this thing you’re going to be eager to get one.

The good news for you is they said you can have one at no cost to you!


Their reason is pretty weird so head to this page and see their weird explanation why you get their “Metal Jaws” at no cost to you.

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P.S. Ok this is nuts, but they also wanted me to let you know you can get their new Stormproof survival tool for FREE too. Details on how to get it are right here.

Email 2 How Did They Invent A Stove This Small?

I think it's incredible when smart people create impressive survival tools.

And the brand new Mini Pocket Stove, custom-designed by one of the largest survival companies in the world, is one of those “miracle-tools.”

Look at it - Go here to get a better view.

IMAGE - blurred

The reason they made this tiny stove is remarkable.

Over the past few months they worked overtime developing it because their customers kept demanding an ultra-light, super-rugged, and easy-to-use survival/camping stove.

And boy did they deliver!

  • Featherweight design: Only weighs 3.7 ounces. Perfect for those who want to avoid lugging around heavy equipment in an emergency (or a weekend camping trip).
  • Bombproof construction: Made of stamped aircraft grade aluminum with BSV speed riveting it’ll withstand tons of abuse.
  • Ultra compact: Folds up compactly, literally fits in the palm of your hand, PLUS it stores its fuel inside itself!
  • Cooks without smoke: Clean burning stove produces no smoke. Helps you keep a low profile and eliminates that campfire smell.

Sounds like a pretty impressive stove huh?

Well here’s the CRAZIEST thing about this stove.

Follow this link to see how this works.

The reason they’re doing this is pretty amazing, and they explain why they’re doing it on the next page.

Keep in mind this offer probably won’t last long, so I suggest you check this special offer out now before it disappears!

Go here to get this incredible stove.

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P.S. BONUS - They’re also giving away a weird “Stormproof” survival tool when you get 2 or more stoves. See how that works right here