(FREE) Paracord Survival Kit

The Paracord Grenade is one of our top selling products. An exclusive product only offered from Survival Frog, the grenade has 10 survival items wrapped up in 9 feet of 550 pound p...

(FREE) Paracord Survival Kit

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Product Description

Tools stuffed inside of the 9 feet of paracord:

1) Knife Blade: This blade is sharp enough to cut open a fish, or skin a small animal.
(1) Fire Starter: So you can build a fire without the need for matches.
(2) Lengths of Fishing Line: This translucent line will help you rustle up a dinner in a flash.
(2) Fishing Hooks: Pre-attached to fishing line to make your catch as easy as possible.
(2) Fishing Weights: To make sure your fish can find the hook.
(2) Bobbers: To ensure your hook catches the fish.
(2) Swivels: To keep fish on the line.
(1) Piece of Tin Foil: Used to cook dinner or to lure fish to your hook, or even to be used as a signal mirror.
(1) Tinder: Helps you get a fire going in no time.

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Email 1 (new) Paracord

(new survival tool)

Introducing the new "Paracord Grenade" survival tool.

10 different survival items are stuffed inside this thing.

Go here to see what's inside the grenade.

For the next few days, you can get a free sample. But only while supplies last.



Email 2 What's inside this

Have you seen the Paracord "Grenade" survival tool yet?

Check out this amazing survival tool.

The Grenade is packed full of survival gear that could save your life one day.

It fits in the palm of your hand but contains several survival tools:

  • Knife blade
  • Fire starter
  • Tin foil
  • Fishing line
  • Fishing hooks
  • Fishing swivels
  • Fishing floats (bobbers)
  • Fishing weights


  • Over 9 feet of 550 Paracord
  • Spring loaded carabiner


For the next few days, my friend Damian is giving the grenade away, just pick up the shipping.

Every bug out bag needs one.


PS: you can forward this email to a few friends, but don't over do it. When they are out of stock, they are gone. Get yours today: LINK

Email 3 100% Legal Survival Grenade (Pic)

Check out this crazy survival tool.

It’s a Paracord Grenade.

Go here to see its advanced features.

Unlike a real grenade this grenade has survival tools packed inside.

9 feet of Paracord are wrapped around essential gear.

It could easily help save your life.

What exactly is inside?

Things like:

  • Razor sharp knife blade
  • Fire starter
  • Tin foil


Plus 7 others.

Best of all it doesn’t take up a lot of room. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. You can take it anywhere.

And the rest of the tools stuffed inside are legit.

So yes, the Paracord grenade is the real deal.

With it you can:

  • Take out a bad guy
  • Sew up torn clothes
  • Create a snare for dinner
  • Catch fish
  • Fix broken shoes
  • Make a belt
  • Build a shelter


And more.

Curious what else is inside? Go here now to see the other 7 tools.

These are perfect for everyday carry and bug-out-bags.

BONUS: For the next few days, you can get a free sample.

My friend Damian makes them and is giving them away to patriots.

All you have to do is cover shipping.

But you’ll want to act fast, quantity is limited.


P.S. Damian said this deal is taking off. Don’t sleep on this. Here’s the link.

Email 4 New Survival Tool (50-state Legal)

Hey, check this out.

This is a survival grenade you can legally carry in your pocket.

Go here to see this amazing survival tool.

There are a lot of survival tools you can’t take into banks, government buildings and more.

This isn’t one of those

Once you see how many things you can do with it you’ll agree it’s a survival necessity.

Check it out. This tiny tool can help you:


  • Catch dinner
  • Make dinner
  • Create shelter
  • Signal distress
  • Disable bad guys
  • Tow a car
  • Fix broken machine parts
  • Make a weapon


And a whole lot more.

In fact, there are over 100 listed survival uses for this tiny survival grenade.

Pretty crazy huh?

The best part about this tool is how compact it is.

Clip the attached carabiner to your keys and you’ve always got a solid survival tool on hand.

For a limited time you can get your grenade 100% Free.

Be sure to go to the next page to learn about the other amazing tools concealed inside and how you can get yours for free.

Hurry though, supplies are limited. Go here now.


P.S. You’ll never believe what else is inside this grenade. You’ve got to see it to believe it. Go here to see what’s inside and get yours Free (while they still last) link.